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With Shire 4 Jobs
our on-site installation division.

Shire 4 Jobs are constantly looking for candidates with the potential for a Job 4 Life. By potential they have to want to work and learn from our vast skillset gained from 35 years in this industry but most of all I need to trust their loyalty.

We will pass on our skills and knowledge to anybody, even our competitors via our training division Shire4Jobs but at a cost because that is our mission, what is the point of gaining knowledge if you are not willing to pass it on. We charge for it naturally because it has cost us a lifetime to gain these skills.

With candidates we deem to have the potential for a Job 4 Life, well that is different, We take raw candidates that want to work and from day one and we watch them closely over a two year period while we nurture them and if they want to learn and are reliable and comply with all our clients site rules we give them every opportunity to expand their potential and increase their salary package.

Once they reach Job 4 Life status and by that I mean, we become confident that we are both following the same goal to produce the safest, most reliable, best quality and most efficient service to our client, then they have my personal guarantee of a Job 4 Life, full access to our training division governed only by their ambition and potential. If you have the ability and responsibility to be a Site Supervisor or Setting out Engineer then I will take the greatest pleasure in you achieving your goals and we will reward you financially once you achieve it.


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